1.0.4 (2005/04/08)


  • Allow validation with Xerces 2 parser in XMLUtil _init method.


  • XMLUtil is now build by Maven
  • New Web site (generated by Maven)
  • XMLUtil.jar available in Maven-Repository at Ibiblio

1.0.3 (2005/01/18)

New features

  • MultiKeyHashtable has now keySet() and putAll(MultiKeyhashtable) methods.
  • New method getAttrValuesHashedByNamedAttrs(String, String, String[]) in xmlutil which returns a MultiKeyHashtable

1.0.2 (2003/12/02)


  • Property xmlutil.validation.dom can now be ommitted (causes NullPointerExcpetion in XMLValidator).
  • Use the system class loader for loading the xml file in XMLUtil.java.

1.0.1 (2003/11/19)

New features

  • Hashtables as nodes
  • Properties for control of validation features


  • Validation with Xerces2 parser possible

1.0.0 (2002/11/28)

First public release